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I have a 2012 Focus that sustained minor body


I have a 2012 Focus that sustained minor body damage (less than $2000). I filed the claim with my Ins. company. When the check came, it had Ford Motor Credit as one of the required endorsers. My wife called Ford Credit at the 1-800 number and inquired as to where to send the check to get it endorsed. The Ford Credit Rep stated she would give her the information then said nothing. After a long long pause, my wife asked her again for the information. The representative then became rude and then dictated the information so fast that my wife was unable to write it down. My wife asked her again politely and requested for her to speak slowly so she could write the information down. She repeated it again in a rude and fast manner. My wife asked the Ford Credit Rep if she could read it back to her. Then the Ford Rep stated, "You heard it correctly" and would not repeat it again. My wife then thanked her. This was important information that we needed to get right. I WILL NEVER USE FORD MOTOR CREDIT AGAIN. Moreover, It would have been unfortunate for that person if this had been a face to face meeting with me and her. Attention FORD, if you don't reel in your people and monitor their actions more closely, you will out of business, wondering what happened.



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