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I was robbed on March 14, 2016 My car keys with


I was robbed on March 14, 2016 My car keys with home keys were taken from my home. I was covered to replace my alarm on the car so that this thief would not come back for my car after a $250.00 deductible to replace my car alarm system. I paid my $250.00 and had the same car alarm features put back into my car. Geico called me and said that a check was in the mail for the remaining balance. The very next day they called back requesting information that was impossible to retrieve. Since then i have been given the run around speaking to almost everyone at the company. At this point i say fuck it an eat the cost of my alarm I was better off having my car being stolen then just my keys. I'm paid off for the the next 6mths and then i'm leaving this company. Its a scam.



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