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Georgia Power and southern company's rating is -0.


Georgia Power and southern company's rating is -0. There is absolutely no reason for the oppression that you have put on the people except that you are greedy and arrogant. You are Goliath and the people are David right now. God is in Heaven but your unjust and corrupt practices are not going unnoticed. People in my community suffer everyday because of outrageous power bills and then you have the nerve to continue to raise rates to pay for something that we did not ask for..If you going to pay for something, use the money that you have already taken from the people. Your profits are outrageous while people are a slave to you. We can barely afford to live because we are only working to pay power bills. It's a shame and disgraceful the agony that greedy people cause, but you are not getting away with it like you think that you are. Please be aware of the suffering that you are causing families.

Praying Against Georgia Power and Corrupt Utility Companies7/1/2013


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