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I've never had a problem with customer service. I


I've never had a problem with customer service. I do have an issue with the company as a whole. They made a NET profit of more than 1 billion dollars and wanted to raise rates which the PSC granted.

As far as the paying for the nuke plant. I'm not sure we need the extra power or reserve power. I believe a lot of that was to have bragging rights on the golf course. What's worse than paying for this nuke plant is that on top of this charge there's the state charging sales tax. The state legislature voted FOR this and exempted commercial businesses from this charge. Now, guess who owns a bunch of businesses in Ga., is in government and voted for this? I feel we're being over charged and that the GaPSC really stands for the Georgia Power Commission. Makes you want to go back to kerosine lamps.

southern electric user.4/17/2013


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