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Recently Ga. Power hired a tree service company


Recently Ga. Power hired a tree service company (Townsend Tree Service) out of Madison, Ga. to trim limbs from trees which might cause power outages. We were notified of this by a note on our front door. We were at work when they started this work. My problem is they took one entire side off of a perfectly shaped oak tree which was not near a power line. This is in the front of our yard and neighbors had commented what a beautiful shaped tree it was; and also my Mother,who is now deceased, had planted it.
This company had no reason to do this except to drive one of their big trucks onto our yard. Also when I called a gentlemen said they had fired the guy who did this. Yet, no one had tried to contact me.
I sent a certified letter to Townsend Tree Service asking them what they planned to do. No one has attempted to get back with me. Now I am trying to reach Ga. Power Claims dept. and cannot get to anyone.
Ruining the look of our yard by defacing a beautiful tree was totally unnecessary. We would like some type of compensation. Ga. Power should check with customers before they do such !
If anyone knows what we can do please let me know.
Also, the guy in charge of the tree-cutting knew it was a terrible mistake because he asked if they could plant some azaleas or something!! I have pictures of the tree and what they did.



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