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After 275 comments with one star comments I'm not


After 275 comments with one star comments I'm not expecting much here.

Took Greyhound for the first time since 1966. Had a decent trip back then. Now 68 years old and decided to try to find an alternative to flying. Now I realize 50 years changes things but I never expected anything like this trip.

Everyone but one women (Laura) in Memphis, TN was rude, abrupt and anything but helpful. They herded you like cattle. Bothe staff and Drivers were rude and agitated when asked questions. Everyone was treated like this. I was really shocked. It felt more like boot camp than the pleasant trip I expected.

I had bought a round trip but, at 68, I'm afraid to go back on Greyhound. I expressed this to Greyhound and asked for a refund on my return trip. Got a song and dance about some other bus line being responsible and a non-refundable economy ticket. As if they sell another kind of ticket. Terrible experience.

I am truly disappointed in Greyhound and their people.



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