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I purchased 6 tickets , which in reality I only


I purchased 6 tickets , which in reality I only needed 1. id like to be reimbursed for my 140.00 since I will not be using the rest of the vouchers, I emailed yesterday, and I stillhaven't heard back, I called this am, stayed on the phone for 32 mins to be told my Jen/Kim , that my purchase, had to be cancelled within 3 days. how is that when on Friday is when I used one voucher, which I only needed for 6 teens. this is very bad service. I wasn't given and reassurance by either person Jen/kim on the phone, now I need to wait 24-72 hrs to hear from the corporate office, I tried calling this 312-676-5773, it seems to be off the hook, because it states that its busy. im very upset at this whole situation. how do you expect to have returning customers if you don't speak to them personally, very bad customer service. ill be waiting for my phone call. Stela Rojas.

stela rojas11/29/2016


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