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HORRIBLE! that's my description of


HORRIBLE! that's my description of each time I have ordered from them it has been a mess . I received an order where one bottle was broken and the residue was all over the other three items. Walmart had taken the broken item out shipped it anyway with residue from the broken item all over the other three items. never replace the broken item just shipped the remaining three items in a plastic bag! WHO DOES THAT !!! called them they were sending me a replacement order express, eight days later I received the express order in a leaking box. Keep in mind the two day shipping guarantee ha ha what a joke ! Contacted customer service and was left on hold so long that I just hung up 23 minutes is too long to be on hold to complain about something that they did wrong . But customer service gave me a five dollar gift certificate wow we way to go Walmart ;-((( bye Walmart bye



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