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I am a customer at Walgreens located on Quebec and


I am a customer at Walgreens located on Quebec and Lincoln Avenue in Lone Tree, Colorado. I arrived at Walgreens 15 minutes before closing, trying to get a copy for my grandson's second grade school project. The manager Kylee, Ann Marie, and Kevin were very accommodating and helpful in providing me suggestions for his project that was going to be turned in the following day. Although a copy could not be made, they suggested an alternative to have a photo made instead, which, by they way, was so very useful and beautiful. I took a survey this morning but the timeline had expired. I wanted the administration to know that your three employees had gone beyond the call of duty to help me. I want them to be recognized and to know that I had appreciated them for their time and patience in helping me in our time of need. I am most grateful and I thank you kindly for their excellent service. Thank you kindly...



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