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I am living the nightmare with Moneygram you all


I am living the nightmare with Moneygram you all described in your comments. I sent money oversees and it's been 3 days Moneygram has held my money with no explanation. Customer service is useless and they always transfer you to the department that will "Help you" but news flash it's just an endless loop of music and no one answers. I am currently on hold for 6 hours!!!! Please someone tell me how to end this nightmare and get my money back. I'm filing complaints with the better business bureau and to my husbands contacts in Walmart and will do my best to bury them in social media. They take your money and the fee then don't deliver. Moneygram knows they have problems but refuse to address them, that's your problem. I can't imagine Walmart would be in business with a company with service this bad and so many Unsatisfied customers. As I'm writing this someone finally picked up the phone, asked me questions that are already answered on their form and said they will call me back....they called back and said the funds were released...we'll see.

Another pissed off customer5/14/2016


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