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I contacted Zillow customer service on June 21st,


I contacted Zillow customer service on June 21st, 2017 because someone had "claimed" my property and changed the value of my home and changed the number of bathrooms from two to one.
I told the customer service rep that I spoke with that if Zillow insists on publishing my home's information online; it better make sure that what it publishes is CORRECT. The homeowner SHOULD NOT be responsible for updating any incorrect information published online by ZILLOW; it is ZILLOW's responsibility to make sure that what they post on their web site is CORRECT! Therefore, ZILLOW is legally liable for what they post.
As previously stated; I tried to "claim" my OWN home but was unable because someone else had already claimed it! Zillow MUST change their registration process IMMEDIATELY! When some registers or tries to claim a property on Zillow a LETTER must be sent to the property address in question with a registration code that should be entered on the web site before any changes can be made to ANY property!
Zillow's lack of response is disheartening and indicates a total lack of responsibility.



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