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I have been a customer of Directv for 16 years and


I have been a customer of Directv for 16 years and I was very happy with the service and product but not anymore, ATT has destroyed that! My receivers are old, one went out in November of last year and I called they said it would cost $20.00 to ship a new one, I said I could have purchased 10 or more by now with the amount you have charged me to use it over the 16 years, I had to get a dig in! Got the new receiver no remote included, set it up but still had trouble getting everything to work together, so I called again and like everyone knows your on the phone forever until you finally get connected to a live person and then push around until you get to the right person. They said they would send out a tech, I said okay. The tech came and was here for about 2 hours, updated my satellite connection, asked for the right remote, I had an old black one. I said I only have the one for my living room, I have to use that one now for both rooms, it's a pain in the ass! I was shocked when my bill came the charged me $60 for the service call. Another long call to finally get to Retention Specialist, told her I was NEVER informed that I would be charged for the service call or I would not have done it because other than the needed work on the roof nothing changed on the TV except that I only have 1 remote now! They did remove that charge on the next months bill. Fast froward to February, My OLD tivo stopped working, had to pay another $20 for shipment, I asked for a remote to be included with the shipment, she said she couldn't do that but I could order one and pay more shipping, NO, you get enough of my money every month! The new receiver came with a warning that it may cause CANCER...just what we want in our homes, right! You could see the tape that held the remote they removed from the box before shipment, cheap ATT! Last night my receiver had a software update and I lost all of the guide on 1 TV, so now I have to make that dreaded call again, I have also had the horrid pixels, occasionally, that others complained about. I LOVED my old Directv but ATT has ruined that wonderful relationship!



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