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I have been trying to get into my FACEBOOK Account


I have been trying to get into my FACEBOOK Account to change my password. It reports that a code should be entered. I have entered that code and it doesn't work. HELP



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11/16/2017 I had the same experience and was quite frustrated. I've had a fb account since the site was established. After attempting for three days, I called the toll free phone number listed. I must say, with so much fraud and identity theft, as well as hacking, I was skeptical of speaking to the IT Tech. to some it all up; After nearly a 2 hour phone call and being placed on hold multiple times, I was told my fb account was deactivated by fb due to being hacked. It was supposedly for security purposes, but I received no notice. According to the Tech, someone accessed from Florida and Iowa. I shared that I am very cautious and leary when using fb. He told me it has nothing to do with my being cautious. If an open Network and IP# is connected to ones technical resources, such as computer, tablet, phone, etc... anyone can get access to your personal information. This includes email, files, etc... What was the conclusion to your situation? Did you come upon a way to re-acess your account? I am truly upset about the matter. I was told I have to begin a new facebook account, and the Tech said I need Network Security which can be bought through the Security Dept for $60-$70. Did I fall for that? Absolutely NOT. That made me even more suspicious. Times are becoming a warfare without the use of weapons.

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