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I have enjoyed renting movies from redbox and how


I have enjoyed renting movies from redbox and how convenient they make it to do so. However, recently my credit card info was stolen and I received email notice that movies and games had been rented on the other side of the state in which I live, with my account and credit card. I had immediately contacted my bank and reported the illegal activity and had that credit card deactivated. I then contacted customer support at redbox to report the illegal activity as well. The customer support agent had a difficult time understanding the situation as her English was not too good. I then requested to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor barely spoke recognizable English as well, and was not open to explaining options to me nor seemed in assisting me. He merely repeated the policy that I would be responsible for any charges to my account, including any incurred should the videos/games that were illegally rented are not returned. He was not helpful in the least. I called redbox support again and managed to speak with someone who spoke better English and was able to understand the situation and offer assistance. However, the previous support agent had canceled my account which complicated the situation even more. The agents could offer me no reassurance that this would be resolved and continued to maintain that I would be responsible for this crime. Redbox needs to improve their customer support and put in place policies to address security issues and fraud. I had also requested a physical address so I could make contact in writing but was denied that information.



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