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I have sent money through moneygram to my cousin,


I have sent money through moneygram to my cousin, who is in college in Ga, several times. When I do send money using moneygram its an emergency. He needed the money yesterday. I want to see him finish college so a couple of times I have sent him my last dollar. All of a sudden their system sends my money to the phillipines. I've never sent money to the phillipines. I clicked on his name in their previous recipients list. It doesn't show his address. As soon as I saw where my money had been sent, which was as soon as I hit enter, I called to get it changed. He was about to get evicted and that was my last money. They said, with their barely understandable English that I would get my money back in 3 to 10 days. My cousin lost his apartment and it ended up costing $1000 to get him another one. It took the full 10 days to get my money. I could have carried the money to Ga by walking there in 10 days. MoneyGram is worthless. They are not a bank. If they cant get your money to the right place they should be able to reimburse you immediately. I think one of those phillipine customker service reps is changing the destination of the money and using it for some kind of scam or whatever, then putting it back. Walmart is attached to moneygram in my area and as soon as I find a way to a real executive with Walmart I'm going to give them an earful. Walmart was giving refunds w/o receipts at one time. Ive never had a problem with them. I'm sure Walmart don't know how bad moneygram really is. MoneyGram should be investigated by the US FEDS. There are two major things that get people hurt. Fooling with another mans woman...and fooling with his money. Theyre asking for trouble.

MG SUX3/27/2016


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