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I just cancelled my auto insurance with Geico


I just cancelled my auto insurance with Geico today after being with them for over 3 yrs! I was involved in a car accident and they were fine about not increasing my rates because the accident was NOT my fault. the guy blew through a stop sign and totalled my car and t boned me. I've been deiving for almost 30 yrs, never a accident or ticket. Then in 2014 I got a ticket for failing to stop for a patrolmans signal, which wasn't true as I did but she must have been pmsing that day and gave me a ticket. I didn't fight it I just pd the ticket. Then in 2015 I got 2 more tickets for being in the wrong lane and another for going through a red light which wasn't true. I stopped but when it turned red I was in the intersection so I drove through so I wouldn't be because I thought I was doing a wrong thing. I guess I had a bad yr!! They increased my rates over $100 a month, and I pd it over the past yr. Now in Dec. 2015 they tried to increase my monthly payment to over $400 from $230!!! I didn't have any more tickets so it was obvious that they were trying to take advantage of me!!! I called and asked why and they said it was because the state of NJ raised their rates and the tickets I told them I already paid the rate hike for the tickets and I didn't get any more. I went on line and got new insurance which includes towing and rental insurance for a rental car included!!! all for $131 a month!! Suck it Geico!!



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