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I made a couple of Groupon purchases a few years


I made a couple of Groupon purchases a few years ago with no problem. After a hiatus I resubscribed last week. Now I receive "discount codes" which the website will not accept. i actually spoke to real person by using
888-664-8882 and she offered to give me today's discount of 10.00 by placing this amount in my "Groupon box".
She told me that I cannot get this amount deducted from my credit card, so I must pay the full price of the deal. So I suppose that I must wait to see if another deal ever tempts me and then hope that I am able to use this credit note, which really fraudulent as I was supposed to receive $$$ off the original purchase. No wonder this
company has grown so large - they are taking interest free loans from their customers and using the cash towards their own ends. I shall cancel this purchase again and block Groupon from my email list. What a ripoff organization they are/ BUYER BEWARE!



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