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I switched to AT&T wireless in May and am still


I switched to AT&T wireless in May and am still having to go into the store to follow up with the managers to get the credits they promised me . I have only received one of the three after 4 months. Their stores are a scam that promise things they don't deliver. I had no negative opinions about ATT until I switched to their wireless The actual phone service is no different than what I had but their customer service is the worst!! tired of calling them every other week to follow up they ask for number to call back in case of disconnection and when that happens they don't call back so you have to start all over with anther representative TIRED OF THIER BULLSHIT I want a company that values their customers and gives great customer service not one that finds ways to see how much money they can squeeze out of them.
Wish I could get the service I signed up for, not put on the back burner to boil.
Chris from Ohio



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