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IKEA customer service is horrible! I had 1 missing


IKEA customer service is horrible! I had 1 missing piece from the hardware package that comes with a MALM series dresser. There are no phone numbers in the assembly manual! Ask Anna is useless for this type of issue!
I finally found an 800 number via Google! Spent a long time waiting on the phone (22 minutes), just to get a missing 25 cent item! Unless I am forced to, by some higher authority, I will not purchase another IKEA item.



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9/8/2015 Agree 100%!! I had a couple of problems - 2 items had manufacturing flaws, one was even marked with red tape, yet they were still packaged and sold. Also had missing screws on one item. Their customer service is useless. You have to stay on hold forever and there is no resolution to defective items other than a return to store - 2 hours away one way - not feasible. Either they need to improve their product quality control or they need to improve customer service. I'm done!!!

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