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I was shopping at the Spokane Valley JCPenney store


I was shopping at the Spokane Valley store this evening and was attempting to purchase a Liz Claiborne sweater. The associate helping me was Brittanie...when I asked about the 20% percent off that I thought would apply she responded apathetically and borderline rudely that she didn't have anything like that at the register and maybe it was online. So, I looked up online JCP coupons and found one for 30% and I handed her the phone. She looked at it and said that's on shoes again as if I were something she wanted to wipe off her shoe. So I looked at it and it was on apparel, shoes, and jewelry and when I said that she offered another excuse so I asked to speak to her manager. I think she knew she was in trouble. The manager was very helpful and kind and explained that that coupon could only be used on original priced items. That was fine....I just wanted to be treated as a customer that was valued and not an inconvenience.



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