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My horrible experience took place at JCP salon.


My horrible experience took place at JCP salon. Had a $50.00 coupon for a cut and a highlight or color.
My hair was short and blonde already. When what they call a "Stylist" did either my knw what she was doing
Or did not listen to what I said. For thanksgiving I had orange/red and blonde hair. It looks horrible. Plus
They told me for highlighting that it would be another $45.00. My hair was never highlighted and yet they said
I still owed them $95.00. This place is a rip off. I sent two messages to their complaint dept. and asked for a
Phone call back, the idiots sent me two 10% off coupons, no phone call or any email back and I also told
Them I would never step into a JCP salon or a JCP store. Unbelievable. Now I have to wait for my hair to grow
Out to get this Halloween color out of my hair. Rather than make a scene in the salon I paid the $95.00 besides
I wasn't getting anywhere with them.



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