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My name is Maegen Stapley, My fiance had


My name is Maegen Stapley, My fiance had purchased a ring from the Kay
Jewelers in the Red Cliffs Mall located in St. George UT in early October of 2014.
I want to take some of your time and just let you know what a horrible experience I
have had with Kay over the past "9" months of having my ring.

1st Experience: After getting my ring back from being sized to a 5, I noticed a dark gray
mark in one of the larger side diamonds, I took it in and was told that it is
when the tip of the diamond breaks off and causes a shadow into the top. I
was told this could be replaced and so I had them send it off to be replaced.

2nd Experience: After going weeks without my ring, I went and picked it up from
having the diamond replaced only to have a diamond fall out not even an
hour after I picked it up from the store, Thus having to take it back again..

3rd Experience: I was told that Kay would contact me when my ring had come back
from having the diamond that fell out replaced. I called every other day to
check and see if it was in, and then about the 4th call, they told me it came
in the day before and I was never called. When I went to pick up my ring,
"which was sized to my size 5 finger before" someone had put on the ticket
that my ring was changed to a size 7, so now its way to big for me. Leaving
it there and being without a ring for weeks again!!

4th Experience: I then after weeks went and picked up my ring again, and was told I
shouldn’t have anymore problems. About 1 week later, there was another
gray mark now in the center large diamond, so I went back into Kay and sent it
off to be replaced.

5th Experience: At this point I am scared to take my ring into Kay for anything due to I
will be without it for weeks at a time and I never know what new problem I
will have when I get it back. I am now married and need my ring and band
saudered together, which to be honest, I had looked into other jewelers to do
this as I didn’t want to leave my ring with Kay. It was gone for 2 weeks and I

was told again that they would contact me when it was in, but I knew better.
so I called every 3 or 4 days to check and the lady was getting upset that I
kept calling in asking about it, she kept telling me they would call me. I called
one last time and the girl said " you werent contacted yesterday?" I said "no I
sure wasn’t",, she put me on hold and came back to tell me that my ring had
come in the day before and I was supposed to have been called letting me
know it was there, but no one called.

6th Experience: I went in to pick up my ring and band, about 3 days later I noticed
again that there is another gray mark in the large side diamond, when I went
into the store to tell Kay, the manager lady told me some diamonds are just
like that and I would probly never get a perfect qaulity diamond, and that the
gray mark is the diamonds birthmark, I was so upset that I wasn’t about to
leave my ring there again for this same issue, it wasn’t worth it.

7th Experience: As of last night " June 21,2015" I had yet another diamond fall out!!!!
from my band now. I have not been into Kay for this yet bacause I
need to get your attention on these problems. I cant even enjoy my
ring without it being gone getting fixed or always being afraid a
diamond is going to fall out or something. I have been married 2
times before this and never have I ever had gray marks or diamonds
fall out, let alone a single problem with any of my other rings from
other jewelers.



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