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On March 30, 2015 I took my ring in to the Auburn


On March 30, 2015 I took my ring in to the Auburn Alabama store due to my diamond falling out of my ring. I took the diamond and the ring in. They then told me that my prongs were loose and needed shoring up. I paid $414:00 for the service. They broke my diamond and said they had too order a new one. It has been one excuse after the other. Now when I call they talk down to me. It is now June 30, 2015 and no ring. I just called the home office and they tell me they can't do anything but check on where it is and call me back later. I told her that I needed my ring by July 10, 2015 due to my anniversary. They can't do anything about that. I am so upset at the treatment I have received and I will never do business with this company again.



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