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This past Christmas, my husband purchased for me,


This past Christmas, my husband purchased for me, the Jane Seymour Open Heart Snowflake necklace. He apparently liked your commercials.
We live in a VERY rural part of New York State. We have to drive 130 miles round trip to your nearest store, which is in Amsterdam, New York. My husband made a special trip to this store and after looking though the Open Heart designs, he (thankfully) picked the snowflake…which after seeing your products, is the only Open Heart design I like.
That being said, I happily received the gift and loved the snowflake. After only TWO wearings, the chain broke. I was upset, because of the distance to your store and the poor quality of your product.
My husband made a second trek to your store in Amsterdam, NY with only the chain, the box and his receipt in hand. There was nothing wrong with the snowflake and he felt that was the actual gift to me. He was told that they could not exchange the chain WITHOUT the pendant! REALLY??? They then told my husband they could fix the chain for a fee of $25.00!!!! My husband being the kind soul he is, went along with the fix, so my brand new Christmas gift would be wearable… (and did I say that it would take two weeks to get the chain fixed?) Again…. REALLY????
When he got home, I was furious with the customer service he received at your store! These salespeople were told of the drive he made and treated him this way! SO… I got on the phone and asked to speak with the manager of this particular store. I told her that we were NOT paying to get this chain fixed and for her to pull it from the “repair pile”. She, Kristen, was nice, but told me the only way I could replace the chain was to come back in (remember the 130 mile round trip voyage) and bring the paperwork and the snowflake so they could exchange the chain … again REALLY????
The next day I got in the car and drove to your store…before they changed their minds. It was around 2:45 when I got to the store and I asked for Kristen, the manager, because she was the person who I spoke to on the phone. I was told Kristen was at lunch… late lunch? or trying to avoid me? I was then told by Ashley the salesperson that they were sold out of snowflakes!!!!
Ashley was stumped! How could she exchange my broken chain (which they had along with my husband’s $25) when there was no snowflake in the store to exchange it with? Ashley then went to the back of the store and through a door to find out what to do.
She emerged from the back and was apparently instructed to take a chain off another Jane Seymour necklace and exchange it!!! WASN’T THAT WHAT MY HUSBAND TRIED TO DO THE DAY BEFORE???
I didn’t even take the snowflake out of the box at this point… they never saw it! This salesgirl also was confused about the fact that the broken chain measured 19” and the other was 18”. I suggested perhaps the clasp was the difference… What is wrong with the help in this store??
I then asked for my husband’s $25.00 back, he paid cash. As I did a man came in asking for Kristen (the manager) he was going to purchase something. The girl helping me didn’t know how to refund my $25.00… she again, went into the back of the store and asked someone. I’m assuming it was Kristen, the manager because when she came out, so also came out someone they called Kristen to help the man, who apparently was ready to spend money.
Kristen NEVER even glanced my way, but she had to know that I was the person she spoke to the day before on the phone, because apparently she was the person my salesgirl was checking with about my exchange and refund! I was in the store for quite a while during the time the unknowing salesgirl figured out the refund. Amazing! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
The salesgirl then informed me this is the reason they encourage customers to purchase the repair plan and then she actually said, “because it would pay if you have to fix this chain five times”!!! To which I replied,”I usually don’t break chains. What kind of junk are you selling?”
I never write letters to complain. However, after the shoddy customer treatment we received from your store in Amsterdam, NY, I felt it necessary to complain to someone! I have not worn the necklace since this incident. I am afraid the new chain will break and I will lose the pendant. I am so disappointed with Kay Jewelers! Upon looking online for your address, I discovered that MANY people are disappointed with Kay Jewelers. I would have to assume that these issues are not isolated to Amsterdam, NY.



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