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Hope - yes it is a toll free numberTiffani - watch


Hope - yes it is a toll free number
Tiffani - watch your mouth
Peggy - check your online status
Dolly - they don't charge you until it is sent
Dale - catalogues are pretty easy to get and don't listen to all these negative nancies
June & linda- maybe thier credit policies have changed, probably nothing personal
Bobbe & Linda - good job taking the time to say something positive, most people dont
Glenda - what's too long for you? be specific or don't complain
Pamela - they'll fix it - they are really good about that
Delores - calm down and stop calling during peak times, they always answer in a few short rings when I call
Overall - people make mistakes and since companies are made up of people none can be perfect. During the holiday season they are thier busiest so cut them some slack and remember what the holiday season is supposed to be about. :)

Loyal Customer12/5/2011


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