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4/6/2012 After 12 years of loyalty, and multiple


4/6/2012 After 12 years of loyalty, and multiple insurance policies from home to auto to personal liability with Liberty Mutual, I find that it is time to leave them. I recently moved my home from Delaware to Virginia. At the time, I asked to have policy transferred on the same day 2/17/12. The agent in Virginia made the change early on January 27th. When I discovered this, they agreed to amend the dates, and I assumed all was well. Never assume that with this company. All of our insurance (4 policies) are either paid in advance or debited monthly. On 4/4/12 I received a notice from "Credit Collection Services" for $33 due to Liberty Mutual. After 2 days of frustrating calls, even to the office of the president, Mr. David Long, I still do not have a resolution. I am waiting for a "supervisor" to get back to me. They have admitted it was their mistake, but not resolved. The collection company even though informed by conference call that it was an error refuses to even provide a letter or statement to this effect leaving this hanging over the client's head. Do not use this company.



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