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My experience in the past has been great BUT I


My experience in the past has been great BUT I have recently purchased a service and when I called to schedule, the company said they never signed up with Living Social. The company said they have had numerous calls for service claiming they too purchased from Living Social. I have asked for a refund and they put it in My Deal Bucks. If you have products etc. for purchase and they have never signed up with you, I should get a refund back to my credit card...not to use with you in the future.
So I thought, okay, I will try and purchase another item. So I select an event to do on a future trip. After I hit purchase, I see the USE BY date is August 31, 2016. While I should have seen the small print, why do you have items on your site for purchase if they are expired!?!? Now, I am going to have that much more I am stuck with using with your company. I DO NOT want to use your services any more as they are not close to being reliable!! There is not email to be able to contact you regarding this only a number that is available Monday thru Friday. I want a full refund to my credit card.



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