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purchase at your on peril. Most of my purchases


purchase at your on peril. Most of my purchases have been fine, however... if you ever need customer service you are basically screwed, it will be a horrible and exacerbating experience. Phone call waits are excessive (exceeding 30min.) and usually go unanswered, no response to emails, if you can't request a refund online as an option at the voucher listing, you are in for a battle. Either their Customer Service Dept is overwhelmed or it's non existent. In any event, they don't seem to care much either way :(
For reference and Better Business Bureau complaints
LivingSocial USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
829 7th St., Suite 301
Washington, DC 20001
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-521-4191
The customer service phone # I used was 202-400-2100, I did finally get someone though not sure it was helpful, after waiting over a month for a product they advised me to keep waiting, when I asked if I could cancel they told me no. I don't have much confidence I'll receive this product and actually fear I'll forget about it and then never follow back up.



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