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the golf lesson was a problem from the start- john


the golf lesson was a problem from the start- john del vecchio school of golf- first I had to hear that he has
1500 students and he is doing this for 30 years- only takes on serious golfers or commited to learning i.e. you will
buy more lessons. I never got to take a lesson because our times were not available- mostly my fault.
this was a gift from my sister, its not the money- I tried to be flexible with the scheduling,but to no avail.
I finally, today, called and said my voucher expired on the 9th of sept- his reply was "what do you want from me?"
however, he did say that if I took a lesson, he would work something out for the price. I just wanted to extend the
deadline, did not need to hear how successful his business is? or that for signing up for 5 lessons he would work with me. Not the best salespitch or attitude.



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