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I Called to Change my plan and got someone trying


I Called to Change my plan and got someone trying to act like a Valley Girl from Southern Cali in the 80,s...
I asked where they located and the girl replied the Philippines, I asked to be transferred to America and she refused to do so and tried to over talk me and get my info. So I hung up called back looking for someone inn AMerica,
I called back and this guys accent wasn't as bad I asked again where I was calling and he said the Philippines,. I told him I wanted to be transferred to the U.S and he said he couldn't do that. I told him I AM GLAD WE HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP IN OFFICE MAYBE HE CAN BRING OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE JOBS BACK TO AMERICA....I AM NOT HAPPY FOR IF I ASK TO TALK TO SOMEONE IN AMERICA THAT'S WHAT WE WANT PERIOD.....



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