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I purchased 2 phones for my kids


I purchased 2 phones for my kids. There was another line on the account that was already active. The employee Jorge at the El Monte, CA store did not inform us about the proration on the account when you add lines. So, two days later the new lines were suspended, EVEN THOUGH they were paid up until October 4! I tried contacting the customer service number and could not through to a live person until a payment was made on the account. Called the store where the phones were purchased from, had the worse customer service experience on the phone. So, we took the phones back and spoke to the person that helped us initially. This person is not knowledgeable to hold his job in customer service, is rude and argues with customers, again his name is Jorge. I asked for corporate's number and he tried to give me the number to that stupid, tucked up automated system they have. He could not present the address to corporate. The manager on duty did not do anything to address the issue of him getting smart with me. So, corporate and the Better Business Bureau will be getting complaints on him and Metro PCS. This is the worse company ever to have phone service with! All thumbs down



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