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the only good thing I can say is they are


the only good thing I can say is they are affordable.Good luck trying to get through to a human being.I got a defective Samsung phone through one of their stores. No one could hear me on the phone.Unfortunately I did not return it immediately and they wouldn't do anything about it.Later the phone indicated that it was low on memory so I purchased an additional card.A month later I decided to get rid of this horrible phone.At that time they informed me that the memory card was defective.I explained that it was purchased at that store and they installed it but would not stand behind it. I did pay in full to get out of there and later received texts from Metro saying I owed all this money.How crazy is that? I immediately called the store and they told; me to ignore it! I will say that If you get through to Metro they are very good but it took me at least an hour.



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