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The service was so lousy that the sales person did


The service was so lousy that the sales person did not even show me how to raise volume much less anything else. Was told if I returned phone to any Metro PCS dealer in 7 days after purchase then I could pick out a new phone. Then found out I had to return phone to original seller site so day 5 after driving (again) 154 miles to return the phone....was told I talked for over an hour so couldn't exchange the phone!!! Most of the time I was on the phone was because the service kept ending my calls and I had to keep trying to call the number over and over again because again service kept cutting off my phone. The rules say I have to have the service for 2 months then I'm going to cancel this pitiful service. I have never had such poor customer service and phone service. (FYI I had been on US Cellular for over 10 years with none of these problems just had to pay a lot more money and this Metro MPC is just not worth the money or stress) DO NOT SELL MY INFO OR EMAIL ADDRESS

Barbara Clark10/26/2016


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