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Worst customer service I have ever encountered.


Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Spent over an hour trying to get the idiot on the phone to understand me and help me. He kept insisting that the number I was giving him was not the number they showed even though I was calling them from the phone they had given me she I opened an account with them. Then he tells me that the answer to the security question I gave him was wrong. The question was what was my first pet's name. It was Shadow but after a half hour arguing with this idiot he texts me what he had for my security answer and it turned out they had the city I live in. After he has me dial #686# to see what number appears, it turns out to be the exact number I was giving him for over an hour. After cursing and yelling I was able to get someone in "Customer Appreciation" who was the ONLY person who knew what they were doing. She was able to help me.
I would NEVER recommend Metro PCS to anyone else. I only keep them because paying $30 a month is what I wanted.



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