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You are a self-absorbed retard! You didn't have


You are a self-absorbed retard! You didn't have any problems, but hundreds of people have legitimate complaints and you call them spoiled?!? How stupid are you? Try explaining this, you moron... I have been a PCS customer for several years. 3 days ago, I lost all reception at home. Upon further investigation, I discovered that there was a 1 mile-wide area completely blacked out of all service. I drove a mile away, called PCS, and have since been trying to get someone to realize there is a major outage and irt needs to be fixed. It's now 3 days later, and there's still no service. I've even spoken to the CEO's son at Corporate HQ, still nothing. Try taking your head out of your a3## and your foot out of your mouth before venturing an ill-conceived, bullshit opinion. Just how are you related to this company and how much do they pay you to defend them?

Cherri B3/22/2017


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