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Had money sent to a friend in a neighboring state.


Had money sent to a friend in a neighboring state. She was told they could not release the money and that I had to call. I did and when I did, I was told I had to go to a MoneyGram location for the clerk to call them to ask me the very same questions the representative could have asked on the phone when I called the first time. This was a big inconvenience as the reason for using the service was the idea of convenience. Once there, the questions were not about me as the sender and validating if I sent the funds, but about the recipient and very personal in nature (ie...How do I know the person; who are they to me; if I've ever seen them before; what are the funds for; etc, etc...). This goes beyond QA and into the realm of privacy invasion. If you as a corporation want to better your service and customer appreciation, I suggest that you train you customer service reps on the fine line of validation vs personal invasion. I also plan to file a complaint with the BBB, as invading my privacy should not be tolerated and not part and parcel of my doing business with your organization.



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