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On Jan 4th I received a text message on Facebook


On Jan 4th I received a text message on Facebook from a girl named Hudson Kasky Garrotte telling me I was picked by Facebook that I had won in a drawing $600,000 she claimed she worked for Facebook. Now in order to collect the money I had to send them $350 to cover the cost of processing and Fed Ex.
The Fed Ex currior's name is James WIlliams...and them payment was to go to Kyle Glass 330 S Ave F East
Haskell TX 79521.
I went to Hudson's FB page which said she was employed by FB..her profile stated that...since then her James Williams and Kyle have been blowing up my phone with Text messages to get my $359 to them while the contest
lasted...I've always be told if it is to good to be is.
However I wanted to make FB aware of this activity. I need a responce from FB so when they contact me again I can inform them It has been reported. Please get back to me asap.. I do not have email so I am reporting from my Mothers FB page.



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