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I cannot log into my account which I have not used


I cannot log into my account which I have not used for a long time. I have my username and password written down and they are correct. Cannot get anyone at customer service to help, just long waits on phone, I think in Phillipines. I never had a problem with using/paying I just stopped buying on ebay . My user security question is probably 20 years old and I do not know what I said was "my favorite _________" then...they come and go out of business here. I was allowed 3 guesses.

I wasted 2 days attempting to get help with this. I've never had any credit problems or even bounced a check and have excellent credit. It's so frustrating that I will just not use PayPal...I'm DONE. I was just passed from one person to another and was on hold for long (30-60 minutes each time) without any help. BAD customer service!



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