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Unfortunately I had a refund come to me on a Pay


Unfortunately I had a refund come to me on a Pay Pal card! I can never use the card because every time I try to use the card somehow, and this is the card I got directly from Pay Pal, the number does not match up with my name or the number is incorrect, etc. My Husband still has an issue with them after two years as they tried to make him pay for tires in New Orleans (never been there) and I did not use my card in my home town because it does not go through anyway and I just got a statement that showed a $58.00 charge (from my home town) that I don't know anything about! On the billing it gives you a number, the amount and a date and NEVER what the purchase is for! Every time I call the number it hangs up and I can't get through and when I give input my password they don't seem to recognize that either or my name or the card number! I still can't believe the first time caller above got through to Pay Pal! It has to be bogus. If she really did I would love to know the number she called!!!??



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