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I Went to a T -Mobile Store In Kentucky


I Went to a T -Mobile Store In Kentucky while Visiting to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy s5 to an s6 I told it was a free upgrade as a Black Friday Promotion just trade you phone in if you own it which I did bought it for $650 a year ago from T-mobile store come to find out when I get home I am only leasing the Samsung s6 the upgraded phone so call customer support which connects me to the loyalty department and they say bring the phone back and you can either get another refurbished Samsung Galaxy s5 or $400 trade in credit since that was the trade in value of my phone on that day to find out when I get to a T-Mobile Store that I can neither have another Samsung S5 or $400 store credit just $200 towards my bill and that is them doing me a favor because the phone now belongs to them and is no longer mine, but they said that they would let me buy it back if I wanted to! Who heard of that what a joke they are t-mobile they stole my phone!

Shyla 12/5/2015


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