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There is simply no corporation on the planet worse


There is simply no corporation on the planet worse than T-Mobile for its customer service, the quality and reliability of cellular service, and billing. I lost count of how many business calls got dropped in the middle of conversation. It takes their customer service reps four tries to make a simple change of street address. They simply cannot figure out how to send paper copies of bills, even though a request has been made and the mailing address verified three or four times. They flat-out refuse to send copies of bills via e-mail at the request of the customer. They cannot figure out how to make necessary changes on a customer's on-line account to made accessibility possible.They won't send an e-mail to a customer notifying them of a late bill, but are most eager and willing to send that bill to a collection agency (which likely will affect the customer's credit score). From the very first week, my experience with T-Mobile has been nothing but dealing with staggering incompetence at absolutely every level. The best business decision I've ever made was to switch to Verizon. I recommend to anyone who will listen to stay as far away as possible from T-Mobile.



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