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I attempted to purchase 2 cartons of cigarettes at


I attempted to purchase 2 cartons of cigarettes at cheap smokes which I have done for at least 2 years and My check was denied. I called and when I eventually got a real person I was told the $72.13 check was to much for me to write at this establishment. I to my knowledge have never had a returned check and I am 76 yrs old, and I had plenty of money in my account. what right do you have to decline a check when it would have definitely
have cleared. I was so embarresed and came home in tears thinking my checking account had been scammed or something was wrong and it was because I attempted to buy 2 cartons instead of one to save a trip. How stupid are your rules that I cant spend my own money the way I want?????

very upset11/21/2016


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