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i had two checks which did not clear at the bank


i had two checks which did not clear at the bank which i had wrote at wal mart. before i new their was a problem i had paid all my bills and had money in the bank i though. the problem came because i had over looked a payment and didn't deduct in my ledger. well the next process of running my returns thru the so many times empty the money i had to cover return check fees it caused all the checks which had been written to fail also. i was not notifed from telecheck i had retured checks and the late fees went thru the roof and removed all i had and left me flat broke. in other words these people robbed me!!!!!!!!!!!!! it had in less than a few days.instead of just a one time late check fee they felt at will to get all they could get. THIS SHOULD BE A CRIME AND NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED RIGHT AWAY. THE BANKS FEES AND THIS COMPANYS FEES TOOK EVERY DIME. i'm disable and get one check a month. please/ something needs to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about how bad this. it is out of control. new regs need to be written



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