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Would seem that this company does NOT know how to


Would seem that this company does NOT know how to keep things straight what so ever!! Spent over an hour trying to get through to them and kept getting disconnected. Finally looked online to get a different number to contact them with and was told that Amazon had a hold on my acct. at my bank, which is WRONG!!! I had spoken with my bank and there are NO holds nor any checks in need of paying, and there is plenty of money in my acct. They STILL want more info then I like to give anyone about my banking information. My bank also told me that they are NOT online with any companies such as Wal-Mart, which is where I tried to write a check for less then $10 for my husbands badly needed Blood Pressure meds. I live an hour away from there and would have sued this company for this failure to allow ppl to use their money!!! Thankfully I am good friends with one of the pharmacists, and she paid for the meds for me so that I would NOT have to leave without them. Had it not been for her, my husband would have ended up in the hospital AGAIN!!! For which we were just returning from. This company has NO business, doing ANY business at this point, as they are well behind in financial matters concerning consumers, and their need to use THEIR MONEY!!! I am still considering suing. Calling them and trying to get it dealt with got me NOWHERE, and still can't use MY MONEY!!!!! TIme for lawsuits, from all consumers being hit with this idiotic system!!!!!



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