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The last two times I have used Expedia (last fall


The last two times I have used Expedia (last fall and just now), I worked on-line choosing my flights and then filling out the necessary information ON LINE. When all was finished, it disappeared. I made TWO phone calls, the second one in the Philippines, because I was on hold for so long the first time, without any prompts or music that I was convinced my call had been dropped. I fortunately had made notes of my flights and price but it still took forever but I was ready to commit and I did. (When I checked the British Airways website, it was not good and I could not see venturing further booking directly since I had reached my frustration limit.
Also, although we had been members for years, I was asked each of the last two times to become a member and I still could not use any points, they did not exist, towards this flight. What a bear!!!!



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