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My account was suspended before I was even able to


My account was suspended before I was even able to ever use it!!! That's some real bs!!! I'm so angry right now!!!

Big Beautiful 11/11/2015


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5/16/2016 That also happened to me. I was signing up for the first time ever, and my account was suspended as per a pop-up at the top of the page. Who do I discuss this with? Where do I call? Please help. I need a phone number and/or eMail to contact someone in Twitter to straighten this mess out. Also, there was a password assigned to me that I know nothing about. I changed the password; however, the suspend notice appeared just after I changed the strange password that was on my account. Could there be a glitch in your software, because everything reference my pending account is mixed up. Thank you. May 16, 2016

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