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I called the White Plains store to find out how


I called the White Plains store to find out how long it will take to pick up 2 items after ordering it on line or if I just go to the store, to ask how big the box is for the foam mattress I want to buy. I had to call twice with the same lady answering and twice she transferred me to an extension that rang and rang. While I understand that that calls could not be picked up when people are busy, couldn't the person transferring the call get back to you and not just leave you hanging?
After that phone call, I called the customer service line, I waited for 9 minutes, finally got connected to a rep. who had trouble understanding my question, finally transferred my call. Unfortunately, I was transferred to exactly the to the original line that says I have to wait another 9 minutes. Needless to say, I've had better customer service.



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