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I have the "Shipping Pass" I placed an order of


I have the "Shipping Pass" I placed an order of which all 5 items were available via shipping pass. When the order processed my credit card it reverted to site to store none shipped to my home, I finally 2 days later got a rep via the phone, I was told the site made a mistake I should live with it. I thought the online reps idea was bad until I spoke to his supervisor Charles who hung up on me while supposedly transferring me to corporate. He said the best way for him to help me was for me to pay for my order a 2nd time then it would hopefully ship to my home and when I didn't pick the items up at the store my other money which they already took from my bank -- it would get refunded eventually!! Now I LOL - he felt I was being mean -- no matter how i tried to explain that made no sense he rushed to end the call - anyone else think this was good customer service. Now since I gave the order # they hang up once I call!



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