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I live in Silver City, NM and can no longer enter


I live in Silver City, NM and can no longer enter your store. You have installed a "WalMart Radio" sound system that is intolerable. The volume is very loud and the sound unpleasant. Everyone I have commented to about the sound level find it very uncomfortable and unpleasant to be in the store. I was told by an employee when it first went in that it was based on a survey that more people enjoyed music than those that did not. If this is the case please keep in mind that people who like music can and will still shop in your store without it and even they may not enjoy what you are playing and at that volume. There are many of us, due to hearing related health problems, who CANNOT enter the store. I did most of my shopping, even had my car serviced there but can no longer. This is a handicap that is not addressed in most places and we are rather isolated but to not be able to shop in the only large store in the area is sure making life difficult. Migraine sufferers, seizure disorder triggered by sound, missophonia, hyperacustics, and tinnitus are restricted from going many places. Thank goodness there are libraries!



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