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I live outside Crossville TN and do my shopping at


I live outside Crossville TN and do my shopping at the Crossville location, I have done the grocery shopping for my family for the past 35 years, I do a lot of shopping through sporting good and other departments, over the past year it seems that you guys are always short two to three items every time , I get discouraged when I go town and have to leave Wal-Mart to go to another store to pick up items, I get discouraged when I have to ask an associate to check for merchandise and have to wait around, some of your employees will scan to check, some will just nudge their shoulder and say: if its not there we don't have it, I spoke with a customer service manager Yesterday morning and, she really did not show a true interest in my complaint acted like she was in a hurry and couldn't wait to go another direction, I spend a lot of my hard earned money at Wal-Mart and I do work and have a job, I can do better with my budget there but will start checking out Kroger , Food City and Dunham's to find what I need and even pay more for a better service if needed.PS: I WAS REALLY UPSET YESTERDAY BECAUSE OF BEING ON CRUTCES AND HAVING MY SON TO PUSH MY BUGGIE AND TO GO TO THE AUTOMOTIVE DEPARTMENT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE TO GET THE TYPE OF OIL I ALWAYS USE, TO FIND OUT YOU ALL WERE OUT,SO ALONE WITH NOT HAVING THE SWEET AND SOUR MIX AND THE OIL, THERE ARE YOUR TWO ITEMS THIS WEEK, THIS HAS WENT ON EVERY OTHER WEEK THROUGH OUT THE PAST YEAR, I GET PAID BYWEEKLY,I CAN'T WAIT TILL CROSSVILLE GETS A TARGET AND SOME OTHER FOOD CHAINS SO THEN MAYBE YOUR ACCOSIATES WOULD HAVE APPRICIATED THE CUSTOMERS THEY ONCE HAD!



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